"Solitary Man" Pre-Sale

In March 2020 the whole world changed. Along with millions of other people, I was suddenly unemployed for the first time. Not only was I concerned for my career, I was worried for my family. I spent a couple weeks feeling scared, sorry for myself and a bit paralyzed. Then it dawned on me that this "forced time off" could possibly be a gift if I chose for it to be.

So I turned off the TV,  and decided to get to work. With the blessing of the Smyrna Opera House in Smyrna, DE I moved all of my recording gear onto their beautiful stage and began to record an album. For the first time in my career, I chose to record someone else's music. And in a beautiful way that was just what my soul needed. I chose to record a tribute to one of my musical heroes...Neil Diamond.

"Solitary Man" is the culmination of many hours on that stage during the pandemic quarantine....learning all of the guitar, bass and piano parts to some of my favorite Neil Diamond songs, and then recording them one by one late into the night. Other than some sessions with my buddy Dave Simmons (who played drums on a few of the songs), all the other recording sessions were just me on that stage by myself. So "Solitary Man" seemed the perfect title for this compilation.

Me tracking "September Morn"on the piano. This was a single take...and the one I actually used on the album!



Video of Dave Simmons adding drums to "Solitary Man"


As of today, all of the instrument tracks are finished and I am in the process of recording vocals at my home studio. Very soon the mixing and mastering process will begin.

In the coming weeks I will be experiencing several thousand dollars worth of expenses to complete the project. Things like licensing fees for the rights to release the 10 songs....mixing, mastering, CD manufacturing, distribution and more.

So today I have launched this "fan-funding" Pre-Sale page to help raise the money to help finish the project. My goal is $5,000. Below you can pre-purchase physical CD's, Digital Downloads, "Solitary Man" T-Shirts and much more! I'm offering several new cool items for the very first time. Packages like guitar lessons, song co-writes, hiring me to write a song for someone special in your life, and more.

If you'd like to play a part in helping me get this project to the finish line...check out all the pre-sale items below!

Much love and thanks! I am so very grateful for your friendship.




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Solitary Man T-shirts
  • Solitary Man T-shirts


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There are a very limited supply (only 54 left) of t-shirts available so get them while they last! Sol's logo is on the front and the album cover is on the back.

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Sol Knopf CD Box set (Limited Supply)
  • Sol Knopf CD Box set (Limited Supply)
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Sol Knopf CD Box set (Limited Supply)

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Receive all of Sol's CD's along with a digital download of his "Songs from the Vault 1985-1995" collection. Physical CD's include: Patience & Time, Sea Change, Rehoboth Beach (only a few left) and the new Solitary Man

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House Concert
  • House Concert
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Hire Sol to perform a 90 minute show at your home within a 60 mile radius of Smyrna, DE. If you're outside that radius...he'll work with you on the price to make it happen.

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A Simple Donation
  • A Simple Donation
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A Simple Donation

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If you're not concerned with purchasing specific items...but you'd like to donate to the project. Simply choose whatever amount you'd like to donate here. Much Love and Thanks! Sol

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A big Monday! 

I want to thank Elva from Sambo's Tavern in Leipsic,DE for making yesterday a BIG day! She purchased 28 T-Shirts for her staff. On top of that we had 3 more CD sales...so it was a great day bringing the total we've raised so far to $2,790.00!  Much Love and thanks!  Sol

1st week success! 

Hello Knopfia family! I want to thank you for making our first week of "Solitary Man" pre-sale a success.

In week 1 we sold:

35 CD's

12 T-Shirts

18 Digital Downloads

5 Simple Donations!

For a total of $2,000!

That is 40% of our "break-even" goal of $5,000 in just one week with no paid advertising!

Thanks to all!

Much Love,  Sol

Day 1 Success! 

Wow! I just want to thank everyone for making the first 24 hours of the "Solitary Man" pre-sale a success! We had 32 transactions for approximately $1,200 in sales.That's almost 1/4th of my goal of $5,000 (to break even). We sold several downloads, CD's and T-shirts! Several of you also made "a simple donation" which I am also so very grateful for. Much Love and thanks...and if any of you have any other suggestions as to what I can offer or what I can do to raise the remaining $3,800...please let me know!    Much Love and Thanks,  Sol