1. Stop the Rain

From the recording Songs from the Vault 1985-1995

I'm quite critical of my writing and recording skills. Right from the start it has always been difficult for me to feel that what I was working on was good enough. Stop the Rain was one of the first songs that I produced, played all the instruments and sang all the vocals on that I sincerely felt proud of. I knew my lyrics were still a bit weak...but I felt I was on to something as a Producer.
I originally had a longer symphonic version of this that I imagined someday performing with an orchestra. But when I started pitching songs...no one was interested in a 7 minute version.


Stop the Rain
© 1990 Sol Knopf

There was a time in my life
When the sun shone down
And it could burn the ground with our love
The winds could blow
And the cold for days would stay
But I could look at you
And that would warm me through the days
I don’t understand your little plan to throw it all away

So I’m standing here in the rain
And my hurt pours down
‘Till it soaks the ground
Where grey is grey
And there is no black or white
No more thinking clear
But I guess it doesn’t matter anymore
Could we return to a love that burned
And a love that felt so right

Every time I look at you
I feel this pain
With just the thought of touching you
I taste the rain
And it’s gonna hold me down
And make me pray
When tomorrow comes
You’ll stop the rain

Do you believe in a love that is so strong
That it could paint the sky
On a cloud you’d fly
But when darkness comes
Do we give up love for hate
Or do we just hold on
And try to right what’s wrong again
Give me some time don’t make up your mind
There’s so much at stake