1. Rosie

From the recording Songs from the Vault 1985-1995

After Stop the Rain, my confidence as a Producer grew. Rosie still sounds fresh to me after all these years. The synthesized harmonica and trumpet somehow still work..and sound a bit iconic of the era. What makes me smile the most, though, is my brother Larry's beautiful voice on the harmonies. In the late 70's and early 80's Larry performed in a trio with me and Martha Hutchins (Pfieffer). Our harmonies and Martha's keyboard playing were the strongest part of our act.
Bass-Greg Gantzer
Background Vocals-Larry Knopf (Sol's Brother)
All other instruments and vocals-Sol Knopf


© 1990 Sol Knopf

Rosie cries on my shoulder
A lonely tear rolling down her face
His reign of lies isn’t over
Now he’s left without a trace

So I tell her to give him up but I know
She’s not hearing a word I say
She’ll never let go

And my Rosie cries
Still my Rosie cries
I’ll never understand
Why my little sister tries and tries

She’s got so much to give
You can bet he’s been on the take
Such a blind way to live
She keeps forgiving and it’s a mistake

So I beg her to give him up
But I know
She’s not hearing a word I say
It’s touch and go