1. California Way

From the recording Songs from the Vault 1985-1995

I didn't grow up on Country music. But in early 1985 I met and fell in love with Sharon Atkins. Her Mother, Chris, was a huge Country music fan and knew everything about it's history. Chris became a big influence in my life. She insisted that I give country music a chance. Country music was in the beginning stages of a new direction that was amazing. Anyway...there was a show on The Nashville Network called "You Can Be a Star" and she bugged the heck out of me about going on it. She finally wore me down and I gave her a cassette of 3 original songs to send them. Out of over 3000 entrants...I made it on the show. This was the first song I sang on it and I won that day's competition.
I'm pretty sure Chris is looking down from Heaven these days with a big smile on her face...because several of the people she used to watch on TNN and talk about are now my friends. Now that I think about it...she probably had quite a bit to do with that...on earth and from Heaven.
I wish I could remember the names of all the folks who performed on this track...and oh how I wish I still had the master 12 track so that I could remix it, etc. Sigh. I do remember that my good Friend Edgar Fernandez played keyboards and my buddy Kendall Dixon played drums on it.


California Way
© 1987 Sol Knopf

My baby’s holding fast for a California Way
Our dreams are waiting there as I sing the night away
Making time go fast as we’re wishing for the day
We’ll pack our bags in site of a California way

I’ve spent so many nights in smoke filled bars and rooms
Playing my songs to noone and wishing I’d be home soon
But when the summer’s over our plan won’t be to stay
We’ll be on the road to a California way

Mornin’ California Way
Is what my baby wants to say
And we’re wishing for the day
We’ll pack our bags in sight of a California

The days have been too long and the nights they have grown cold
It’s time to take a chance before we get too old
And when we’re looking back well I hope that we will say
We are glad we went to the California way