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Dancing With The Bottle

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Sol Knopf - Lead Vocal,Acoustic Guitar & Electric Guitar * Chico Huff - Bass * Chuck Treece - Drums * Randy Bowland - Electric Guitar * Randy Cantor - Organ * Geri Smith - Background Vocals * Todd Mecaughey - Tambourine


Dancing With The Bottle
c2013 Craig Stonesifer & Sol Knopf

Verse 1
Our favorite song was playing on the jukebox
The one we danced to down the line
We used to groove so close together
But since she's gone I guess I'll have to keep time

With nothing here but an empty bar stool
And a heart that's filled with love's regret
Wish we were out there on that dance floor
But I'm a swirlin and twirlin with another instead

Chorus 1
Yeah I'm dancing, dancing with the bottle
I'm two steppin' with her memory tonight
It's a lonely dance for a broken hearted man
It's a lift of the glass that doesn't take a steady hand
I'm dancing, dancing with the bottle

Verse 3
Now every man should know
The simple twist of the wrist and the elbow
Because when things get to be the worst
I'll tell ya mister you can work up a hell of a thirst

Chorus 2
So I'm dancing, dancing with the bottle
A slow fandango under a neon light
I'm a winnin' waltzer tired of this slow dance
I need to call her if I'm gonna stand half a chance
When I get done dancin'...dancing with the bottle.

After all the times we've danced together
I still believe we can get the steps right.

Chorus 3
Yeah I'm dancing, dancing with the bottle
Yeah I'm shufflin' and my next partner's on ice
I'll be doing the same thing tomorrow
If my call falls on deaf ears tonight
I'll be dancing, dancing with the bottle