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Is It Real? (duet with Patty Blee)

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Sol Knopf - Lead Vocal,Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Keyboards,Shaker, Drum programming & Bass Guitar * Patty Blee - Lead Vocal * Wanola Jackson - Background Vocals * Tom Hampton - Baritone Guitar & Pedal Steel


Is It Real?
c2013 Wanola Jackson, Nina Spencer & Sol Knopf

Verse 1
I use to think love was a ghost in this house
A shadow on my wall fading in and out
Now that you're here you've brought my dreams to life
It feels so right that I wonder if it might be
A little too good to be true... Is this the real deal?

Is it real or is it just a dream?
Is it it what it seems?

Verse 2
Last time someone held my heart in their hand
They let me drop like a toy in the sand
I ain't no child comin' back to play
These eyes are open wide I've learned the hard way

Sometimes we see in lovers only what we want to see
So I ask myself

Is this real or is it just a dream?
Is it it what it seems?

I'm getting lost in all the pretty places your love takes me
So if this is just a dream I'm prayin' no one wakes me.

And if this isn't real....why does it feel so good?
It's gotta be real.....It feels so real
Is it real, is it you love how this feels?